Create unique look of Your movie with these beautiful old lens


  Lomo superspeed

Cooke S3/S2 TLS

Super baltars

COOKE zoom 18-100mm

COOKE zoom 25-250mm

Lomo standart primes

Zeiss 2,2 primes

Canon telephoto lens

Preston FIZ + 3 motors wireless

Chrosziel FOX wireless focus

 LMB 15 clip-on, LMB6, mattebox 6x6,  filters 4x5,65



LomO Round Anamorphic set

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.20.28.jpg

True classic anamorphic lens with 2x squeeze, with fantastic blue flares. My favourite lens. They are sharp from 2,8 and half.    

  35mm   f2,5 / CF 1,6m / 125mm 

 40mm    f2,5 / CF 1m  / 110mm

 50mm   f2,5 /  CF 1m / 110mm

75mm   f2,5 /CF 1m / 110mm

    100mm  f2,4 /  CF 1m  / 110mm

    180mm f2,8 / CF 1,5m / 110mm

    360mm f5,6 ( 180mm + 2x extender) 

comes with:  iris and focus gears, lens support, diopters +1/2, +1,+2


5 lens set:

 35mm   f2,5 / CF 1m / 141mm

 50mm   f2,5 /  CF 1m / 110mm

75mm   f2,5 /CF 1m / 110mm

100mm  f3,2 /  CF 1m  / 110mm

    140mm  f4,5 (100mm + 1,4x extender) 

LOMO superspeed  SET

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.20.44.jpg

Best spherical Russian lens made in 1980'. typically warm, with nice orange soft flers in backlight.   Matching with a great Lomo zoom 20-120mm .                                               

10mm f3 / CF 0.14m / 90mm

                       14mm f1,6  (18mm x 0,8x  wide atachment )

18mm f1,6 / CF 0.25m / 80mm

22mm f1,4 / CF 0.4m / 80mm

28mm f1,4 / CF 0.5m / 80mm

35mm   f1,5 / CF 0.5m / 80mm

50mm f1,6 / CF 0.5m / 80mm

75mm f1,6 / CF 0.9m / 80mm

100mm f2,3 / CF 1m / 80mm

150mm f3,2 CF 1,9m / 80mm

200mm f3,1 / CF 2m / 100mm

300mm f3,6 / CF  3m / 110mm

comes with:  iris and focus gears

Lomo zoom 20-120mm f/3,3


Cooke S2 TLS rehoused


The Speed Panchros produce images that you can’t recreate in post, surprisingly sharp with pleasing flare and low contrast, they have the warmth of the ‘Cooke Look’ but with that added character of a vintage lens, giving a unique look that DOP’s love. Fantastic rehousing from TLS  company, makes these great lens same mechanic as Cooke S4. Cam Follower focus, as used in the Cooke S4's = focus accelerates towards closer objects and slows down towards infinity giving you a much longer and more useful spread of focus marks, especially  good control on distant focus. Fantastic minimum close-up distances after rehousing. Perfect together with a zoom Cooke 18-100mm/f3.

18mm f2,2 CF 18cm

25mm f2,2 Cf 16cm

32mm f2,2 CF 21cm

40mm f2,2 CF 32cm

50mm f2,2 CF 38cm

75mm f2,2 CF 70cm

100mm f2,5 CF 61cm

152mm f3,2 CF 1,4m


Super baltars Bausch and Lomb

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.17.58.jpg

The Super Baltars are possibly one of the most famous sets of lenses in film history. Made from the 1950’s until the 1970’s, these lenses are warm, slightly infrared creating a surreal image unique with a multi-colored green blue flare, ultraviolet and sharp (from the cobalt glass). This gives images of high contrast with warm flesh tones and cool flares. A beautiful image is a beautiful image, but these lenses throw some magic in the recipe, which you will not get from a modern lens set. They were used for first two Godfather films, considerable number of Hitchcock films, Rush 2015. 

20mm f2,3 / CF 18 inches / 110mm / 0,9kg

25mm f2,3 / CF 18" inches / 110mm / 1,4kg

35mm f2,3 / CF 18" inches / 110mm / 0,7kg

50mm f2,3 / CF 18" inches / 110mm / 0,6kg

75mm f2,3 / CF 22" inches / 110mm / 0,7kg

105mm f3,2 / CF  22" inches / 110mm / 0.9kg

 ( 75mm + 1,4 xextender)


COOKE ZOOM 18-100mm/t3

Great zoom, latest model made in 80'. Internal focusing. Great together with a S2 set. It has beatiful "Cooke look", great for portrait shots. This glass naturally emphasize skin tones. With a extender 1,4x you get 25-140mm/4,2


18-100mm f3 CF 2'  /150mm 

COOKE ZOOM 25-250mm/t3,7 MK3




Standart speed Russian lens made in 1980'. typically warm. They are great already wide open. Perfect value for the price. Matching with a great Lomo zoom 20-120mm .                                               

18mm f3 CF 0,45m / 80mm

22mm f2,3 CF 0,5m / 80mm

28mm f2,2 CF 0,5m / 80mm

35mm  f2,2  CF 0,4m / 80mm

40mm  f2,7  CF 0,5m / 80mm

50mm f2,2 CF 0,5m / 80mm

75mm f2,2 CF 0,6m / 80mm

100mm f3,1  CF 0,95m / 80mm

150mm f3,2 CF 1,9m / 80mm

comes with:  focus gears. 



Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.21.02.jpg


Zeiss Standart speed  lens made in 1980'.  They are great already wide open. sharp and clean with a nice bokeh thanks to iris.Perfect value for the price. It si secret but they are great lenses in super compact size, great for small crew. 49mm filters thread.            

                                                          12mm f2,4 CF 0,2m /150mm( 16mm with a Panspheron Zeiss)

16mm f2,4 CF 0,2m /80mm

24mm f2,2 CF 0,35m /80mm

32mm f2,2 CF 0,6m /80mm

50mm   f2,2  CF 0,8m /80mm

85mm f2,2 CF 1,9m /80mm

135mm f2 CF1,5m /80mm 

comes with:  focus + iris gears, rubber clip-on matte box 3x3' filters slot, diopters.


Canon telephoto lens PL


Canon 200mm f1,8 CF 2,4m

Canon 300mm f2,8 CF 3m

Canon 50-300mm f 4,5 CF 2,5m

Canon 800mm f5,6 + extender 2x=Canon 1600mm f11



Tokina 11-16mm f2,8/ CF 0,3m/80mm, PL mount, iris and focus gear, rehoused by Duclos

Angenieux 37-140mm

Peleng 8mm

Foton 37-140mm

Lomo 10mm f3 / CF 14cm

Lomo zoom 20-120mm f/3,3 / CF 0.8m + macro

Makro 75mm  Kinoptik Paris  f/2,5 / makro 1:1


Canon lens with EF mount/SOny Mount

Canon 18-55mm /2,8 IS USM

Canon 16-35mm /4 IS USM

Canon 24-70mm/4 IS USM

Canon 70-200/ 4 IS USM

Canon 50mm/1,8 AF

Leica 50mm/2

Tokina 11-16mm/2,8 focus barrel with a hard stops

Canon 300mm/2,8 manual focus + extender 2x

Shift lens 80mm/2,8

Metabones adapter for SONY cameras


All photography are grabs from feature films shot by Martin Sacha